Brandon Farnsworth is a curator and postdoctoral researcher in musicology based at Lund University, Sweden. After studying at the Zurich University of the Arts, he completed his PhD in Dresden with the publication Curating Contemporary Music Festivals (2020, Transcript). Brandon has worked on projects with Ultima Festival Oslo, Montreal New Musics Festival, Sonic Matter Zurich, and BGNM.

Gina Emerson is a researcher, project manager and curator in the field of contemporary music. Her research explores and connects the topics of audience experience, sustainability, cultural participation and the use of new technologies in art music contexts. She has been a board member in the BGNM collective since 2020.

Berit Fischer is a transdisciplinary cultural practitioner, curator, artist, writer and scholar. One of her fields of interests focuses on the notion of listening as a tool for activating agency. She curated and edited Hlysnan: The Notion and Politics of Listening and is the founder of the nomadic Radical Empathy Lab.

Hanna Grześkiewicz is a curator, writer, and researcher. Her research currently focuses on the relationship between the arts and social movements. She is also exploring questions related to the decolonisation of Western classical music and alternative forms of collaboration and collectivity, often by working with ensembles.

Sarrita Hunn is an interdisciplinary artist, editor, curator, and web developer whose often collaborative practice focuses on the culturally, socially, and politically transformative potential of artist-centered activity. She is the co-founder/Editor of MARCH: a journal of art & strategy and Assistant Director of Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art.

Rupert Enticknap is an opera singer (countertenor) and artist based in Berlin questioning through his trans-disciplinary work what it really means to sing and express with the voice today. His current work is dealing with masculinities, the body and translating the voice into material forms.

Emma Rothmann is a cultural manager specialising in experimental music theatre and new music. She is passionate about amplifying marginalised voices, and supporting artists as they create new ways of working.