Saturday, April 2
20h: Concert with Kaj Duncan David and Lara Alarcon + DJ set by Isa Wolff
> VISIT (entrance at 19:30)


The Process and Protocol concert draws on the festival themes by putting a spotlight on two Berlin-based composers, working in and around experimental sound, politics and the connections between voice, body and language. Vocalist, improviser and composer Lara Alarcón will present a live vocal and electronics set, expanding on her practice of exploring communication gestures through improvisation. Kaj Duncan David will perform a live set based on music from his 2021 solo release, All Culture Is Dissolving. We round off the evening with beats, breaks and spheric soundscapes from DJ Isa Wolff.

Lara Alarcón vocalist, composer and improviser. Her performances/compositions implement the idea of prosthetic dialectics by the use and support of large amplifications, pedals, noise devices and other sonic complexities, with some extending to live video or live coding and electroacoustic formats like electric trio, strings, and solo performances. Her music engages the listener in an intense way by using strong changes in dynamics and extended durations.

Kaj Duncan David is a Berlin-based composer of experimental music. Alongside audiovisual works for concert settings, he devises theatre/music/installation hybrids, creates music for dance, and performs and releases electronic music.

Inspired by countless nights out and an emerging curiosity, Isa Wolff started DJing in 2007. She loves groovy bass lines, break beats and kitschy melodies that take you on a journey into spheric soundscapes. She loves breaks, techno, electronica, disco and acid.